ROUGETTE Grilling Cheese with Vegetables

25 min
1 ROUGETTE Marinated Grilling Cheese (Semi-soft Cheese in Herb Marinade)
150 g green asparagus 
3 cherry tomatoes
50 g spring onions 
Olive oil
Salt, pepper


1. Cut the asparagus and spring onions into bite-sized (1–2 cm) pieces and sauté briefly in a bit of olive oil in a frying pan, together with the tomatoes. Then lightly season with salt and pepper.

2. Prepare the ROUGETTE marinated grilling cheese according to the instructions in the oven or on the grill. Turn the grilling cheese after five minutes, placing the vegetables under the cheese in the grilling pan. Then continue to cook the cheese for another five minutes until done. Serve and enjoy!


This dish pairs well with herb or garlic baguette and a mixed salad. This dish can be made with a wide variety of seasonal vegetables: baby potatoes, bell pepper, zucchini or artichokes – whatever you like!

Marinated Grilling Cheese: Semi-soft Cheese in Herb Marinade

Our Marinated Grilling Cheese is ready to grill and easy to serve. This savory semi-soft cheese is pre-marinated in herbs and oil and comes in a convenient aluminum pan for easy preparation and grilling. The cheese softens when warmed and can be cooked to your liking – warmed on both sides and then diceed for a salad or melted into a hot dip perfect for a crowd.

- In a ready-to-grill and ready-to-serve pan 
- Creamier and less salty than Halloumi 
- 2 marinated pieces of cheese per pan 
- Make a REAL grilled cheese sandwich 
- Warm and dice onto grains or a green salad 
- Top with vegetables and serve from the pan  

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