Grilled Cheese Board with Asparagus and Melon

30 min
1 bunch fresh asparagus, tough ends cut off
1 “demi” baguette or 1/2 of a full baguette, cut into 8 rounds
1 tablespoon olive oil
2 disks Bon·fire Soft-Ripened Cheese
4 ounces prosciutto ham
1/2 cantaloupe, seeded and shaped into spheres with a melon baller 
1 cup whole cherries
1 tablespoon fresh mint, minced + plus more for garnishing board


1. Preheat grill to medium high heat.

2. Brush both sides of each slice of bread with olive oil. Toss asparagus spears with remaining olive oil. Arrange asparagus spears and Bon·fire Soft-Ripened Cheese Rounds on Grill. Close lid and grill over medium high heat for five minutes.

3. After five minutes, use tongs to turn over asparagus and cheese. Continue grilling on second side for another five minutes. Add bread rounds to grill and toast until golden, about 2 minutes per side.

4. Remove asparagus, cheese and toasted baguette from grill. Transfer to cheese board.

5. Arrange prosciutto, melon and cherries around asparagus, cheese and bread on cheese board. Top with fresh mint and a drizzle of balsamic glaze and serve immediately.

Grilling Cheese: Mild & Creamy Soft-Ripened Cheese

Our Grilling Cheese is made to be heated directly on the grill – just like a burger! Our innovative cheese masters have developed a brie that becomes crisp on the outside when heated. The cheese develops a char-grilled, crispy golden outside and a warm and creamy inside. An excellent grilling choice for vegetarians and cheese lovers alike!

- Can be heated directly on the grill 
- Will not stick to or melt onto the grill – no mess! 
- 2 individually packaged cheeses per unit 
- Create a REAL cheeseburger 
- Serve on a green salad 
- Top with grilled veggies or fruit

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