Chicken Skewers with ROUGETTE Grilling Cheese

30 min
chicken fillets (approx. 180 g each)
8 each red, yellow and green mini sweet peppers
2 packages (180 g each) ROUGETTE Grilling Cheese (Mild & Creamy Soft Ripened Cheese)
3–4 sprigs rosemary 
2 tbsp. olive oil
1/2 bunch basil
50 g dried tomatoes in oil 
50 g Kalamata olives
200 g sour cream
8 wooden skewers


1. Pat fillets dry and cut into cubes. Clean and wash mini sweet peppers. Cut the grilling cheese in quarters. Wash the rosemary and shake to dry. Pull off the rosemary needles, reserving some for garnish. Chop and combine with oil. Place chicken cubes, grilling cheese, and peppers on skewers, alternating. Drizzle skewers with rosemary oil. Season with salt and pepper. Grill skewers on the hot grill for about 5 minutes, turning.

2. Wash the basil and shake to dry. Pull the leaves off the stems and chop, reserving a few leaves to use as garnish. Drain dried tomatoes, then chop. Remove the olive pits and cut the olives into rings. Stir sour cream until smooth. Add tomatoes, olives, and chopped basil and stir to combine. Season dip with salt and pepper. Arrange skewers. Garnish with remaining rosemary. Place sour cream dip in a small bowl, garnish with remaining basil and serve with skewers.

Grilling Cheese: Mild & Creamy Soft-Ripened Cheese

Our Grilling Cheese is made to be heated directly on the grill – just like a burger! Our innovative cheese masters have developed a brie that becomes crisp on the outside when heated. The cheese develops a char-grilled, crispy golden outside and a warm and creamy inside. An excellent grilling choice for vegetarians and cheese lovers alike!

- Can be heated directly on the grill 
- Will not stick to or melt onto the grill – no mess! 
- 2 individually packaged cheeses per unit 
- Create a REAL cheeseburger 
- Serve on a green salad 
- Top with grilled veggies or fruit

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